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Surface Laptop 2 Review 2020. We show you all the news of the second generation of Microsoft Surface Laptop, including performance, autonomy, and configurations.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2: is it worth your purchase?

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½
Same chassis but with much-improved performance. The new implementations at the CPU, RAM and storage level make Surface Laptop 2 more powerful than the previous generation. However, there are aspects where they suffer as in the autonomy section. Keep reading to know all the information.

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Price: $699.99

Review Surface Laptop 2

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 2: Full Analysis

Along with the arrival of the new Surface tablets, Microsoft has introduced the second generation of its Surface Laptop laptops, which return with the latest generation of Intel Core processors and new finishes and colors. Here we show you the analysis.

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Surface Laptop 2: Price and where to buy it

Microsoft has maintained the price of the new Surface Laptop despite having included the new range of Intel Core processors. In this way, you can find the most basic model at a price of € 1,149.

Within the configurations offered by Microsoft in its online store it is possible to choose the amount of RAM (8 or 16 GB), Intel Core i5 processor, or eighth generation i7, or storage of 128, 256 or 512 GB.

Our review is based on the most economical. As you can see, based on the benchmark results obtained in our tests, the model with Core i5 and 256 GB of storage can be interesting for the vast majority of users.

In this way, the most powerful model has a price of € 2,349. All those who wish to cover the equipment with damage insurance, Microsoft offers two years of extended coverage for a price of € 149, something to consider if we see how expensive it is to repair your screen.

With respect to the accessories that accompany the Surface Laptop, we have on the one hand the digital pen for Surface at a price of € 109.99 or a version of Office 365 Personal for € 49 more.

Surface Laptop 2: Design and build quality

In essence, Surface Laptop 2 has maintained the key elements of the previous generation, as well as the final appearance. In fact, we could well use to illustrate this article a photo of the previous model and you would not notice the difference.

Surface Laptop 2 Review
Surface Laptop 2 Review

Not changing the design can make it difficult to distinguish them, but considering that we loved the original model, it is something that should not worry you. You will continue to feel like you drive a premium laptop and among the best.

As key points, keep the fact that the Surface Laptop 2 has a thickness of 14.48 mm and weighs less than 1.25 kilograms. The aluminum finishes are combined with the Alcantara fabric that surrounds the keyboard and gives it a touch of distinction as well as luxury.

The dimensions of the keyboard and trackpad keys are exactly the same. We already liked them before and they still like us now. The three levels of backlighting of the keys facilitate its use as well as the spacious area of ​​the touchpad surface.

In this way, the writing is smooth to the touch and pleasant, with spacious keys to avoid errors in the keystrokes. Perhaps the only complaint to highlight is that the keyboard flexes somewhat when you handle it on your legs, unlike the rigidity that a laptop offers.

Surface Laptop 2: Specifications and Features

As with the design, other elements such as its screen, connectors, and ports are kept on the Surface Laptop 2. Since not everyone will know what the first version brought, we will review everything.

The screen on the Surface Laptop 2 is 13.5-inch PixelSense with a maximum resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels. A 3: 2 more square form factor than the traditional 16: 9, together with a pixel density of 201 dpi, guarantees an enhanced visual experience.

Surface Laptop 2 Review
Surface Laptop 2 Review

In fact, the aspect ratio seems to work worse for watching videos, but it improves when it comes to working with documents and spreadsheets, as well as when you go with the digital pen to take notes in OneNote.
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It is also appreciated to have the support of 10 tactile points that you can combine with the Surface Pen digital pen and its 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. You can make the most of Windows 10 and its possibilities of use.

Surface Laptop 2 Review
Surface Laptop 2 Review

Faced with what we can find today in the notebook market, we would only improve the bezels section, which could certainly follow the tendency to reduce them in exchange for offering a larger viewing area.  

Surface Laptop 2: Performance and autonomy

As we indicated earlier, the Core i5 model will be sufficient in benefits for the vast majority of consumers looking to be able to tackle web browsing tasks, office software, as well as run certain games sporadically.

As far as storage is concerned, although we increasingly base our work on cloud services, it is worth considering an extra level of capacity and not complying with the input value of 128 GB. You will not be able to expand it later.

Taking as indicated by Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 2 is 85% faster than its predecessors. It is something that we have been able to verify with test tools such as Geekbench 4 and 3DMark, values ​​that we offer in the graph.

Surface Laptop 2 Review
Surface Laptop 2 Review

In PCMark 10 the score is decent. We have included in the illustration values ​​of other equipment including the Surface Pro 6 and you will see that the improvements are somewhat subtle.

Already in the section of autonomy, in its day we were impressed with its long duration of the original, offering an average time of 16 hours of use in light mode, confirming what Microsoft itself affirmed.

Although the capacity of its cells has been maintained, the autonomy drops to an average of 12 hours and 40 minutes of use. It is still a good fact but below the previous edition. It is the cost that must be paid in exchange for achieving greater performance.

Surface Laptop 2: connectivity and ports

The laptop offers the same set of connectors and ports as the previous model. Note the owner Surface Connect to charge the laptop. There is no slot for USB-type C or SD cards, which is a shame.

Instead, you’ll find a headphone jack, a MiniDisplay Port and another USB 3.0.

Surface Laptop 2 Review
Surface Laptop 2 Review

A criticism of the original Surface is that it was marketed with the version of Windows 10 S, which meant that only applications from the official Microsoft store could be installed. Although the upgrade to Windows Pro was available, it is not the ideal situation.

Here we must say in your favor that the Surface Laptop 2 is accompanied by Windows 10 Home, which seems to us a much better solution. This way you can take advantage of features like Windows Hello and enter the Cortana wizard.

Surface Laptop 2: Conclusions

It is possible that the novelties that Microsoft has introduced in the Surface Laptop 2 are somewhat basic, but as we affirmed on other occasions, if the above is frankly good and pleasant, why to change it.

Thus, the main updates of the new Intel Core processors and a minimum amount of RAM of 8 GB seem appropriate combinations that positively affect the increase in performance in general.

What would we change? In fact, we would like to have more ports to be a professional laptop, as well as greater autonomy. That does not mean that in relation to quality and price, choosing a range entry model can be a very valid option for the vast majority.

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