The Best Skateboards of 2020? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Best skateboard in the world. It is unlikely that an experienced skateboarder needs tips and advice on choosing your favorite equipment for sports. At the same time, the market is constantly updated with new models. 

For obvious reasons, we have compiled a rating of the best skateboards of 2020 for children, novice users who do not have the opportunity to analyze the segment of goods in order to choose the best solution for themselves.

And also for professionals who have not yet had time to familiarize themselves with new premium products.

In the end, we suggest paying attention to a number of fundamental aspects that will help you choose a model for your needs. It is important to understand that this kind of thing needs to be bought taking into account individual needs.

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


In this segment, stable models are presented, which are characterized by large wheels for good cross-country ability and large sides. For children, do not buy too fast, agile skate. It is more important than it is convenient, reliable. 

Accordingly, when collecting models for this category, we focused on durable bearings, as well as the practicality of sports equipment. We also took into account customer reviews and value for money.3

Hellboy jr

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Hellboy jr

Top 10 skateboards open model for children Hellboy Jr. Bearing Class ABEC 1, respectively, do not have to worry about the child gaining excessively high speed. At the same time, a strong deck made of Chinese maple guarantees high stability and reliability in operation. A total of 9 layers. 

The size is 559 by 165 millimeters. The suspension is made of aluminum, the wheels of polyurethane are durable. The diameter is 50 millimeters, the thickness is 36 millimeters. 

This indicates a good cross. The downside is that the skate is absolutely not maneuverable. The plus is that the maximum user weight can reach 80 kilograms. Comic-style artwork released by the American company Dark Horse Comics.

+ Pros

  • 9 layers of Chinese maple;
  • carrying capacity;
  • stylish design;
  • dimensions and quality of the deck.

– Cons

  • simple wheels.

Beetle jr

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Beetle jr

An excellent alternative to the above-board is the Beetle JR model. It is equipped with a large deck, the size of which is 559 by 165 millimeters. The main difference between this model and the previous one is a different color. In addition, a good skate for children is attracted by its low weight (only 2 kilograms), high-quality polyurethane wheels (diameter: 50 mm, thickness: 36 mm) and durable ABEC 1 bearings.

The suspension is wide and made of aluminum. Accordingly, a high level of stability is achieved. The deck is made of Chinese maple, so there is no doubt in the long term of operation.

+ Pros

  • bright design;
  • lightweight;
  • lifetime;
  • sustainability.

– Cons

  • bearing class.

My area sweet raspberry

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart My area sweet raspberry

The best children’s skateboard of the current year is a model designed for users aged 7 to 10 years. It withstands maximum load, weighing up to 50 kilograms. The growth of the child, in this case, can be from 130 to 140 centimeters. The board is made of nine high-quality layers of strong maple. This is a good model for training and comfortable riding. You can perform simple tricks. On the deck is a clear, bright pattern. The wheels have a size of 54 by 36 millimeters with stiffness of 92A. Bearings are reliable, durable. Based on user comments, the skate is comfortable, has good cross and maneuverability compared to peers.

+ Pros

  • wheel stiffness;
  • bright drawing;
  • good soundboard;
  • suitable for learning

– Cons

  • not found.


At the first stages of acquaintance with a skate, hardly a high class of bearing and maneuverable wheels are important to someone. It is more important than the canvas is made of durable materials for simple tricks and training. 

It is important that the wheels are passable and wide tracks are installed. The suspension should be as stable as possible. Understanding these parameters, we collected the most suitable models for novice users.3

Ridex addict

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Ridex addict

If you do not plan to overpay, but want to get a good skate not only for walking but also for fast skiing, we recommend paying attention to the Ridex Addict model. Despite the affordable price, the deck is made of seven layers of Canadian maple. 

The skin of a MAX grip tape is pulled over. The platform size is 31 by 8.125 inches. As you already understood, the small wheels are 52 by 32 millimeters, and the stiffness is 100A. 

This is a great option for this price range. The model can withstand weight up to 100 kilograms. The manufacturer decided to install high-quality bearings ABEC-7 with printing on shieldings for a quick ride. The downside is that the lining of the suspension is only 4 millimeters.

+ Pros

  • carrying capacity;
  • hard wheels;
  • excellent bearings;
  • skin MAX grip tape.

– Cons

  • suspension lining.


The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart HELLO WOOD Scull

HELLO, novice users are advised to buy a reliable WOOD Scull skateboard, whose deck is made of 7 layers of Chinese maple. One of the advantages of the platform is the optimal size (77.5 by 20 centimeters) and a double end bend. This indicates a high level of stability, reliability, and convenience. 

The size of the wheels is 5.3 by 3.1 centimeters. Since this skate is designed for beginner riders, ABEC 5 mid-range bearings are installed. However, the stiffness of the wheels is 100A, the suspension size is 12.7 centimeters. Based on the comments, the deck has an average concave, reinforced bends and a very strong middle. Actually, given the pros and price, I do not want to look for flaws, but the design is an amateur.

+ Pros

  • high rigidity;
  • good suspension;
  • wheel quality;
  • reinforced bends

– Cons

  • peculiar design.

Moove & Fun MP3108-11A

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Moove & Fun MP3108-11A

The best price/quality skate for 2019 is the Moove & Fun MP3108-11A, whose board is made of maple plywood. This is a universal solution that is suitable for users of different ages. To perform the tricks, as you know, is not the best option, although ABEC-7 bearings are installed. 

The maximum load can reach 100 kilograms, polyurethane wheels with a high level of hardness. The suspension size is 3.25 inches. The design is based on the legendary boards. The advantages of the invention also include the robust, reliable TRAC chassis. Based on customer reviews, the model lasts a really long time.

+ Pros

  • bearing quality;
  • good suspension;
  • reliable chassis;
  • appearance.

– Cons

  • not found.


In the category of premium skateboards, models with small wheels are assembled, which guarantee a high level of maneuverability, sensitivity. Such inventions have high and narrow tracks, which allows you to gain high speed. Accordingly, the maximum class of bearings is established. Gathering representatives of this segment, we took into account the reviews of independent buyers, who already can boast of having significant experience in operating skateboards.4

Arbor pocket rocket

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Arbor pocket rocket

Arbor Pocket Rocket model replenishes the rating of skateboards. close to flagship parameters and attractive democratic prices. Based on the manufacturer’s statement, the model was created specifically for active and dynamic driving around the city. It features an ergonomic foot platform. 

The deck is made of Canadian maple (a total of 7 layers) and the size is 26 by 7.75 inches. The width of the suspension is 8.75 inches. It is worth noting that this model maintains a good acceleration speed, which is due to the presence of small wheels (63 mm in diameter) and ABEC 5 hard bearings. Based on customer comments, Pocket Rocket has an excellent price-quality ratio.

+ Pros

  • ergonomic base;
  • bright appearance;
  • small wheels;
  • suspension width.

– Cons

  • overcharge.

Ridex blast

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Ridex blast

This is the flagship model of skateboard for professionals, which is part of the PRO series and attracts top-end features. The deck of the Ridex Blast model is made of Canadian maple using special epoxy. 

As a result, it was possible to achieve a monolithic structure that has a long service life. The design guarantees an excellent click. As you already understood by design, this is a special version, the deck of which is painted in such a way that the structure of the tree is visible – the urban style perfectly characterizes the capabilities of the model. 

The suspension is 5.25 inches. Wheel stiffness 100A. In addition, the manufacturer used bearings of the maximum class ABEC-7 Chrom, which indicates the possibility of accelerating high speed.

+ Pros

  • urban style is excellent;
  • ABEC-7 Chrom bearings;
  • pendant 5.25 inches;
  • high speed.

– Cons

  • quality wheels.

GLOBE Bantam

The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart GLOBE Bantam

GLOBE Bantam is another premium skate designed not only for a quiet ride around the city. With this monster, you can even perform complex, professional tricks. The entire line of these skateboards features solid Slant tracks. 

The upper part, judging by the reviews, is very comfortable, the legs do not slip. The suspension is only 4.25 inches and the wheels 62 millimeters. A strength class is 83A. As you know, professional ABEC 7 bearings are installed. Another advantage of this invention is its low weight – 2.4 kilograms. Judging by the reviews of athletes, the model is durable and wear-resistant.

+ Pros

  • bearing strength class;
  • lightweight;
  • waterproof model;
  • strong tracks;
  • great suspension

– Cons

  • not the best suspension.


The Best Skateboards of 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart HUDORA Harlem

The best skateboard of 2019 is the HUDORA Harlem, designed for professional skateboarders. However, it can be used for easy skiing. The board of this model is made of high-strength and durable Canadian maple, a total of 7 layers. For convenience and safety, a high-quality anti-slip tape, as well as a special rubber mat, is responsible. 

The wheels have a diameter of 36 by 54 millimeters. The severity of the model is emphasized by a stylish, aggressive two-sided design. The highest class bearings – ABEC 7 (chrome-plated). A dirt cover on both sides is implemented, which indicates the possibility of operating the invention in different conditions.

+ Pros

  • chrome bearings;
  • anti-slip tape;
  • aggressive two-sided design;
  • great Canadian maple.

– Cons

  • not found.


The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying a skateboard is the deck material. Really high-quality, durable boards are made from Canadian maple. Simpler models are made of Chinese or Russian maple. They are more expensive and more practical than any plastic or polypropylene counterpart. Decks for professionals are made of fiberglass or aluminum.

The second important component is the type of suspension. The speed depends on the height and weight of these parts. Accordingly, for beginners, a model with low but wide tracks is more suitable, which provides additional stability.

Next, you need to pay attention to the stiffness and diameter of the wheels, which can vary in the range from 45 to 70 millimeters. Small wheels are distinguished by maneuverability, sensitivity to uneven coverage. Larger wheels attract better cross-country ability. By no means, on such a skateboard it will be more difficult to change the direction of movement.

When thinking about how to choose a skateboard, pay due attention to the bearings. As in the commercials, parts of the ABEC class are used here. The higher the number near the designated standard, the faster the model.


Thus, it is necessary to select a model taking into account the purpose and level of professionalism of the user. If you don’t know which skateboard to buy, pay attention to the leaders of each segment of our conditional rating. To summarize:

  1. Good kids skate – My Area Sweet Raspberry;
  2. In the ratio price / quality – Moove & Fun MP3108-11A;
  3. Professional Skateboard – HUDORA Harlem.

Finally, I want to add that in recent years there has been an increase in demand for longboards that can develop higher speeds, but they are less maneuverable. To perform a variety of tricks, a cruiser is the best option.

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